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Marvin, 10/30/21

I’ll say this for Marvin: when it introduced its new fish characters a few weeks back, it could have played it safe and just used them as another type of creature to make piss and poop jokes about. And, let’s be real, there are plenty of piss and poop jokes involving them — this is still Marvin, after all — but there are also lots of jokes about how these two fish constantly irritate one another, but are nevertheless trapped in a bowl not much larger than themselves, forever, and honestly those I quite enjoy.

Daddy Daze, 10/30/21

Wait, does the Daddy Daze baby use “ma” for his monosyllabic babble with his mother, and yet “ba” rather than “da” for his father? Perhaps this recurring snub is what’s driven the man to his current state of madness, in which he insists on treating the baby’s nonsense noises as if they encoded complex semantic meaning that only he can parse, rather than simply acknowledging that the baby likes his ex better.