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Rex Morgan, M.D., 11/5/21

Well, it looks like Griff’s loyalty to his old friend — who was, let’s be real, pretty rude to him when he made a perfectly polite offer to cut Jordan in on some murderous shenanigans for hire — is so intense that he’s willing to blow up the shadowy leader of the cabal he works for, which will probably have any number of negative implications for him professionally and personally in the near to medium term. I do sincerely hope that all this plays out with Jordan and Michelle none the wiser, and they head forward into their married life completely oblivious to the fact that they were almost involved in something interesting happening.

Mary Worth, 11/5/21

Oh hell yes, it’s going to be a karaoke-off for Estelle’s love! Wilbur may not have been able to defeat Zak at Matrix-style kung fu, but now we’re on Wilbur’s own favored turf: the world of song! Will he prevail this time? My guess is not, I think we all assume he’s really bad at singing, right? Libby knows the score.

Dustin, 11/5/21

Dustin’s mom has definitely learned well from her earlier attempt to make conversation with her husband, and now she’s just going to do her best to get through this dinner without talking or responding to him at all. Come on, just keep chewing, keep your eyes locked somewhere around his chin, you can do it, we all believe in you.