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Funky Winkerbean, 1/28/22

Sad (?) news, everyone: it turns out Lisa didn’t fake her death after all. Instead, it seems that Les literally couldn’t tell the difference between his freshly dead wife and some neighbor lady (yesterday’s strip established that he saw her out by the birdfeeder), and also said neighbor lady decided that talking to Les would be a gross, unpleasant experience and so she didn’t bother doing it. That all is in fact extremely sad, but it also absolutely tracks.

Mary Worth, 1/28/22

Good (?) news, everyone: it turns out Wilbur is alive, which we knew, and that he managed to somehow shave and find a new shirt before he got around to letting all his loved ones know he wasn’t dead. Look how overjoyed and relieved they are! They’re in such a state of frenzied Wilbur-love that they’re about to group-tackle him and tear him to pieces, like the crazed Maenads at the end of Euripdes’ The Bacchae! That all is in fact good news, extremely good news indeed.