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Rex Morgan, M.D., 2/24/22

Ahhh, today in Rene Belluso catchphrases you can use to liven up work meetings, we have “Nonsense! Lies! All lies!!!,” which I think we can all imagine plenty of times we’d like to yell it, right? Anyway, I assume that it is in fact not a lie that Rene spent his time in the joint nattering on to his oafish cellmate about the tricks of his forgery trade. I think it’s sad that Rene was excited to share his plans for his most conceptually complex forgery of all — a retroactive forgery of someone else’s work that he would pass off as his own original composition — and all he gets in return is this pointless snitchery.

Mary Worth, 2/24/22

OK, I definitely think they’re supposed to be flirting now, because you cannot convince me that these two are throwing around “I observe what’s around me” and “if I what I see interests me” and “focus” and “energy” while talking about the most cliched still life drawing it’s possible to do for a community college art class.