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Zits, 2/17/22

Do we, in fact, live in a fallen world of filth and degradation, where our young people are engaging in all sorts of nightmarish sex stuff that would set their chaste grandparents spinning in their graves? Well, the numbers don’t really seem to support this — US teen birth rates are at record lows, and the average age of a person’s first sexual encounter is higher for those born in the 1980s and ’90s than it was for previous cohorts. But, on the other hand, in 2009 the Zits creators could note in the intro to one of their books that they would get in trouble for using the word “sucks” in a strip and now they can just do “this kid’s dick looks like the Loch Ness Monster” jokes like it’s no big deal.

Mary Worth, 2/17/22

Oh, wow, it looks like Toby needs more help fighting her midlife crisis than we thought. “OK, let’s see how you did on this week’s assignment: drawing me as an adorable anime teen. Cal, what the hell is this? This isn’t anywhere near kawaii enough. You get an F! Get out of my sight!”