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Gil Thorp, 4/29/22

Folks, you know a Gil Thorp plot is kicking into high gear when you get a close-up on some teen’s sweaty face, sweating due to equal parts athleticism and anxiety! Anyway, Nomar urges Gregg “G-Hamm” Hamm (shouldn’t that be GG-Hamm? GGG-Hamm?) to “keep an eye out” for that umpire, but of course Gregg is near-blind and can’t keep an eye out for anybody! Don’t worry, though, with that magical pitchin’ flipper hand that we’re just now getting a look in panel three, he doesn’t need to see anything. The flipper does all the work!

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/29/22

Hey, uh, I don’t want tell a pair of hardened pair of lowlife criminal scumbags how to do their jobs, but: have you guys heard of guns? Just saying, if you’re worried about a guy with a broom cramping your style: guns. Look into them and thank me later!