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Mary Worth, 4/21/22

I hope I have made it very clear on this blog that I love snide, catty Ian much more than I do boring, supportive Ian, and if you need more proof, I didn’t bother to show you yesterday’s strip, where Ian said it wouldn’t be surprising if one of Toby’s students fell for her because she’s so lovable, but definitely wanted to share today’s, when he stares thoughtfully at the spoonful of grey-beige slurry he’s about to try to choke down and says “Oh, yeah, sometimes students flirt with you for grades, that actually makes a lot more sense, actually.”

Curtis, 4/21/22

Friends, I have been reading the comic strip Curtis for most of its 33-year history, and one thing I have always loved about it is that Curtis’s dad works at the DMV. It’s very specific in a way that a lot of comics dad office jobs aren’t, and specific things are always more interesting than vague ones. But I have to confess that I always — always — assumed that he was one of those stone-faced bureaucrats who sat behind the desk and told you that you needed to bring in a different proof of address when you’re trying to renew your license or whatever. The idea that he’s the guy who goes out in the car with you on driving tests has completely blown my mind. Completely! My image of the man is upended, and I can barely focus on the fact that apparently someone puked all over him today.