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Gil Thorp, 4/6/22

Ahh, we’ve come to one of my little pleasures in life: that moment in the Gil Thorp season when someone asks Gil who’s going be on the team this year, and then he just rattles off a bunch of names. I find it soothing, like a white noise machine playing ocean sounds in the background. Will we have to remember some of these people? Probably. But I trust that Coach will say their names again in that case. For now, I’m taking the attitude of the two young men walking outside in the third panel. “Hear that? Can’t quite make it out, but it sounds like some names are bein’ said. Must be baseball season!”

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/6/22

Rex isn’t so much “soothing” as “boring” here, but I’m willing to wait this strip out. Mmm, a serious injury but not severe enough to merit surgery? It’s going to heal … eventually? Uh huh. Keep it coming. I can do this as long as you can.