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Shoe, 5/20/22

Look, Roz, I know you had to come up with an insult on the fly here, and so I guess I should be impressed by the extremely labored pun your mind just generated, but the truth is that it’s not just the Perfesser’s pants you should be roasting. Or are we meant to understand you find this garish pattern perfectly acceptable on a suit jacket, but somehow the matching pants put it over the line for you? I give you an A for effort but 5/10 on execution, keep working at it.

Blondie, 5/20/22

I’ve very intrigued by the question of how Dagwood’s posture and facial expression in the first panel fits in with the revelations over the rest of the strip. Is he expertly faking his usual cringe so Mr. Dithers won’t realize that he can’t hear a word of abuse? Or does Dithers’s diatribe have a physical force that still knocks Dagwood backwards, quite separate from its semantic content?

Mary Worth, 5/20/22

He’ll do anything for you, Toby. Anything. He’ll come down to where you work and engage in some extremely light PDA! Can you imagine a greater hero? I certainly can’t!