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Gil Thorp, 7/16/22

We’re wrapping up the first week of new-look Gil Thorp, which has consisted entirely of one of Gil’s ex-athletes giving a speech about why Gil deserves the Coach of the Year award, and we’re learning that new-look Gil is comfortable with both sharing his tragic emotional backstory and with using slang, like the kids today, when relating to a student who’s the victim of abuse from his parents and taking his aggression out on his teammates. Gil may not be a snitch, but I’m pretty sure he’s a … mandatory reporter? More on this situation as it develops.

Dustin, 7/16/22

Dustin is, famously, a strip about the eternal war between old people and young people, created in total ignorance of what actual young people do or are like. For instance, today’s strip posits that it’s young people who accidentally post things when they mean to search for things, and also it’s young people who use Facebook, two truly incredible assertions that I have to respect for how wildly incorrect they are.