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Judge Parker, 9/18/22

Oh, hey, you all remember Marie, the longtime Spencer-Driver maid who, back in 2019, found out her husband faked his death because he was in too deep to the mob, which led to her quitting her job as a maid and “going to grad school” (e.g., hanging out on a beach with some hunk) but then just a few weeks later Abbey tricked her into running her AirBNB? You’d think that the AirBNB burning down would’ve been a great excuse for Marie to skip town again, but Abbey has managed to browbeat her into keeping her company, and, well, I’m not saying she’s back working for Abbey again, but she is jogging a respectful distance behind her while desperately trying to calibrate exactly what she says in order to validate Abbey emotionally, so I hope she’s geting paid something.

Mary Worth, 9/18/22

Ha ha, yes, this is perfect: All the Mary Worth regulars talking themself into believing that romantic failure is good, actually, while the two off-putting guest stars are about to fingerbang to Jeopardy! Truly could not ask for a better end to this storyline. (Please, please, let this be the end of this storyline.)