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Dick Tracy, 9/16/22

Say, folks, remember last year, when Sam smiled wryly when he learned he’d be receiving his copy of Derby Dugan: The Geebus Years two weeks late? Well, that’s nothing compared to the heights of ecstacy he’s achieving as he learns that there’s going to be a stage play adaptation of Funny Papers, a nonfiction (?) book about the history of the comics, starring Derby Dugan. I sincerely wish I could be excited about anything as Sam is about this, with “this” being something you’d think I too would be excited about, given the subject matter of this blog, but [checks personal excitement level] ennnnnnh.

Mary Worth, 9/16/22

I am excited about the return of Wilbur’s beloved goldfish, who are probably wondering (to the extent that goldfish can wonder things) “if he’s so hot on being alone, why is he spending time with us, ugh.”

Marvin, 9/16/22

Did, uh, did Marvin’s family accidentally rent a porn, or what