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Gil Thorp, 10/4/22

Oh, isn’t that nice, the Thorps are being hosted by Kaz and his girlfriend [record scratch] Rachel????? Huge news! Kaz had been dating Kelly since at least 2007 and the two of them were still doing Christmas cards together in 2020. But they were always something of a mismatched pair, what with Kelly’s highbrow interest in indie music and foreign cinema. Maybe that’s what drove them apart, or maybe the pandemic finally finished what the internet started and Kelly had to close down her travel agency and flee town to escape her creditors. But obviously a hunk like Kaz isn’t going to stay single for long, and he and Rachel really got to spend a lot of time “sheltering in place” during the quarantine [wink wink wink].

Mary Worth, 10/4/22

Oh wow it turns out Zak’s favorite childhood dish was actually prepared for him not by his family but by his babysitter? Who maybe, it turns out, was the one who really raised him? This probably won’t be discovered to have anything to do with his taste in significantly older romantic partners, at all!