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Shoe, 1/15/23

Sometimes when you have a longrunning media franchise like the syndicated newspaper comic strip Shoe, you have to occasionally recapitulate the basics to make sure your newer readers understand the nuances of the world-building. Like, today, for instance: the message here is that this is Shoe, the title character, and he’s kind of an asshole; it’s important that you know that and that’s why here’s no “joke” or anything. Maybe tomorrow they’ll do the strip I’ve been waiting more than 30 years for, the one where they explain why everyone’s a bird-person.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 1/15/23

Look, I’ve been making fun of how this week’s Rex Morgan has been even more boring than usual, but if June’s non-adventures end up delaying her by the crucial fifteen minutes that’s apparently all that ever stands between a normal evening at the Morgans and one where the hungry children violently rise up against Rex and eat him, then it frankly will have been all worth it.