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Slylock Fox, 2/13/23

This deceitful dog may be the one who’s putting the scam into action, but I don’t think he’s the mastermind behind it. Look at that dull, defeated face: that’s not the look of “Curses, my master plan, foiled!” so much as “Well, here I am, taking the fall once again because I thought I could make some easy money doing low-level crimes that I was assured I would not be prosecuted for.” And what exactly is the scam here? Is it “first we release the spiders into your house, then you pay us to kill the spiders?” It probably would’ve been better for Sly to have held off on arresting the guy until after part two, in my opinion.

Blondie, 2/13/23

I love the implication here that Claudia, despite sitting just inches away from these guys, has missed the entire context for this conversation, possibly because they started talking and then she retreated to her mind palace to escape the blather. And who can blame her!

Dustin, 2/13/23

Look, Ed, your wife is trying to muster up some enthusiasm for your twice-monthly hand job, can you just shut the fuck up for two minutes