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Rex Morgan, M.D., 2/12/23

You guys know I dearly miss the days when Sarah was a weird precocious adult-child, back before before she got hit by a car and it reset her brain back to normalcy. I don’t know if we’re every going to see a return to form on this, but I feel like her walking in and angrily saying the first paragraph of the “Valentine’s Day” Wikipedia article at her brothers is a good start.

Hi and Lois, 2/12/23

Today’s throwaway panel really changes the whole tone of the strip, in my opinion. Sure, Lois and the kid are having some good clean fun in the kitchen, but what of Hi? He thought today was going to be for bonding with his family while watching the big game, but instead he’s all by himself while they deliberately ignore him.

Daddy Daze, 2/12/23

We all, of course, have been worrying about the Daddy Daze daddy’s mental and emotional health for some time, but I think today is the first day that we learn that, in a probably related development, he’s not doing great financially either.