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Dustin, 2/18/23

Look, I’m glad that Dustin’s dad being all “the women all use yoga as an excuse to dress like WHORES now and it makes me AROUSED” is the setup to this joke and not the punchline, but … we should see the shoes as part of said punchline, right? Like, we saw a lovingly drawn athleisurèd ass in panel one, so we should see Dustin’s dad’s bright white New Balances in panel two. It almost feels like the artist couldn’t figure out how to frame it properly, then decided, “Enh, whatever, it’s not like this is a visual medium or anything.”

Dennis the Menace, 2/18/23

“Aw, isn’t that sweet,” you’re probably thinking, like a fool. “Dennis cares about the snowman!” Hardly. Dennis created the snowman. He placed every piece of coal on its face, lovingly crafting the grimace it uses to indicate its discomfort. Dennis is the cruel demiurge that summoned the snowman’s soul out of the aether and entrapped it in a physical form that can know only pain.