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Rex Morgan, M.D., 2/19/23

You probably don’t remember (because why would you, remembering inane Rex Morgan plots for you is my job, literally), but way back in early 2020, roots country legend Truck Tyler caught some kind of persistent respiratory virus before it was cool, and was also sleeping in his car, so Buck arranged for a free room in a depressing, half-empty motel to serve as a makeshift isolation ward, which Truck used as inspiration for a new song that became a viral hit on, let’s say … TikTok? … which I assume means that lots of teens are now LARPing as depressed old roots country singers down at the Glenwood Motel these days. Truck still has a standing offer of a free room there are a result, in case this nice diner waitress wants to have sex in the most depressing place she’s ever had sex in her life.

Family Circus, 2/19/23

I can think of few acts more humiliating than calling your wife from inside your car to have her stop your children from throwing snowballs at you. Yet Big Daddy Keane has no shame about it! Look at him grinning smugly in panel three here. “This is a great use case of a cellular telephone!” he’s thinking to himself. The man deserves what he’s about to get.

Mary Worth, 2/19/23

Oh hey by the way Estelle is being tormented by visions of Wilbur in animal form while she tries to sleep, if you were wondering! Will murdering him finally make the nightmare images go away? Probably not, but I for one am willing for her to take that chance.