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Dick Tracy, 1/4/24

So the goth pasta pun lady is also a stage magician, and this guy on stage with her yelling “Oh, yeah!” is an audience volunteer, and I think we were at least briefly meant to understand that she was about to actually cut him in half with a chainsaw? For goth/crime purposes? I’m still not entirely convinced that she hasn’t cut him in half, actually, and the gimmick is that he’s just really into it as a form of extreme chiropractic or something.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 1/4/24

“Why should I have to endure the gazes of these chumps and rubes if there isn’t a big fat check for me at the end of it? Remember when I used to get big fat checks or free boats or whatever for just doing nothing? This time I actually did something! I actually engaged in a conversation with one of my patients even though the insurance companies tell me that’s a waste of time and they won’t compensate me for it! Where’s my money, Buck?

Dennis the Menace, 1/4/24

Henry, Alice … you don’t invite the third over until the kid goes to bed. This is basic stuff!