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Bizarro, 6/20/24

Happy Solstice, everyone! Do you think these ladies are supposed to represent the changing seasons, or that they’re just hanging out at a Neo-Pagan-themed bar? I don’t think the personified seasons would have cell phones, but if I were running a Neo-Pagan-themed bar, I’d make people keep their cell phones out of sight, because it very clearly ruins the vibe.

Dick Tracy, 6/20/24

Well well well, looks like everyone’s getting in on the Looking At Spicy Pictures In Manila Folders Action. Now, I think an important thing about art is that it can sometimes make you uncomfortable, which is how I know that the lady in panel two, her eyes bugging out and her lower lip pinned dramatically by her teeth, represents true art indeed.

Pluggers, 6/20/24

Pluggers! They’re in pain all the time! Are they dying? No, but they sure wish they were!