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Archie, 4/25/07

I defy you to offer an explanation for the third panel that isn’t totally insane. Since no fungus (or fung-us) I know of looks like that, or attracts flies, I have to assume that Archie has been hoarding his excrement and building a lingam out of it in his hamper. And that Jughead chose to touch it. And that when Jughead arrived, Archie was just lounging in his chair, looking at it with a big, satisfied grin on his face. The awful thing is that the other explanations I can think of are worse.

Hi and Lois, 4/25/07

This strip is funny (by which I mean “funny”) because Lois is baffling her little kid with her high-falutin’ vocabulary. Which would make this a middling Family Circus-style gag if it weren’t for the fact that Trixie is entirely pre-verbal. Yeah, I know, thought balloons, whatever, but the fact is that she doesn’t know those words because she doesn’t know any god-damn words at all. Maybe her thought balloons are just ideas other people project on to her, and her eyes have gone wide like that because she’s wet herself again.

Marvin, 4/25/07

This strip is funny (by which I mean “horrifying”) because it’s about the sex lives of babies. I actually kind of like Carl’s wide-eyed look of shock and horror, because that’s exactly what you’d feel if your girlfriend left you for an infant.