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Marvin, 8/7/07

Oh my God.

It’s not just stupid one-off joke.

Marvin is … apparently … going to be talking … in a moronic combination of l33tspeak and textspeak written by someone who understands neither … indefinitely.

Look, he’s even doing the stupid “1” for “!” thing.

This … this is awful.


Gil Thorp, 8/7/07

Ah, that’s … ah, better. Good times. Happy times.

Look, the Ben Franklin lookalike drummer seems to be addressing us in panel one! It’s Kaz-cam! Look, Gail’s head appears to be growing out of Kaz’s shoulder, or perhaps vice-versa! Look, Kaz is reading the not-a-threat with his eyes closed, perhaps to cover up for the fact that he’s illiterate! Look, the note is blocking Gail and Kaz’s mouths, perhaps because the artist really botched them and didn’t feel like redoing the whole frame!

Ah. Good times. Happy times.

Family Circus, 8/7/08

Actually, Billy, it’s because Granddad doesn’t love you, and never did.

Blondie, 8/7/07

Hey, everyone, Elmo’s looking at Blondie’s ass! It’s funny! Wait, not funny; I mean shameful. Shameful and discomfort-inducing.