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Apartment 3-G, 11/1/07


I mean, literally. Snap. There’s a big “snap” there in the second panel.

For some reason.

It’s not like “snap” is the noise a phone makes when you hang it up or something.

Kind of weird.


This little tiff does nothing to dissuade me from rooting for the inevitable Margo-Sam pairing. We all like a little drama in our fictional romances, am I right? They’re the Tracy and Hepburn of the new millennium, as indicated by the fact that Margo is trying to haul off and punch Sam in the second panel. Ha ha, silly Margo! You can’t punch a person through the phone! Sadly, technology has not advanced to that point yet.

Spider-Man, 11/1/07

So do we have to add anti-Hellenism to Spider-Man’s long list of crimes? So many of the traditional libels against the Greek people — that they control the media, that they enjoy blowing up innocent newspaper trucks, that they have a weakness for hideous faux-Rococo decor, that their inordinate vanity drives them to sculpt their eyebrows into upswept, Romulan-style points — are on display here. I’d be outraged if Spider-Man didn’t as a rule lull me into a state of ennui-tinged semi-consciousness.

Mary Worth, 11/1/07

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD MARY IS GOING TO TAKE THIS INJURED DOG BACK TO HER APARTMENT AND NURSE IT BACK TO HEALTH! You read it here first. She’ll use it as a proud emblem of her newfound philosophy that we should love with “simplicity and purity,” as the animals do. Then, of course, the inappropriate urination will begin.