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Dick Tracy, 4/5/08

Today we get an all-too-close look at Detective Tracy’s disturbingly unconstitutional M.O. Note that he’s already managed to disable his (unarmed!) opponent with a quick WUNK to the lower back, leaving him UMPing on the floor. Now would be a great time for Dick to leap onto the villain, pinning him to the floor and cuffing him; instead, since the usual next step in his arrest protocol involves pumping his prone, helpless opponent with hot lead, panel three finds him goggle-eyed with panic that he can’t find his gun. The number of Tracy collars who were shot in the back of the head “while trying to escape” must be remarkably high.

Spider-Man, 4/5/08

A handgun is really like the Swiss Army Knife of weapons; not only does it help Dick Tracy eliminate needless arrest paperwork, but gubernatorial candidate Simon Krandis can use one to open jammed car locks! He could, of course, turn it on his antagonist, but that would be exciting, so it won’t happen in this strip.

Hagar the Horrible, 4/5/08

I like the fact that, even though in the first panel Hagar seems to have proved pretty definitively that Snert doesn’t understand Old Norse, he still thought-balloons his dismissive comment in the second panel. You never know, and you don’t want to hurt the dog’s feelings. Any more than they’d already be hurt by forcing him to wear a damn miniature Viking’s helmet, anyway.