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The Comics Curmudgeon 2008 Fall Fundraiser

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— Uncle Lumpy

Every long-running comic has a special bag of tricks to keep things fresh. Let’s see how they do it!

Crankshaft, 10/1/08

When your lead character is a bully and a jerk, you need to rebuild sympathy from time to time or you’ll lose your audience. One way is to show the character’s Secret Pain — Ed’s was illiteracy, beaten to suffering death in an endless PSA a few years back. Another approach is to reveal a Heart of Gold beneath the crust, and here we are. Lovable Senior Ed Crankshaft uses a flashback to teach upstart pitcher Dwayne that “you’ve got to want it more than anything” or some such claptrap, and incidentally reveal that he, Ed Crankshaft, personally, single-handedly, and heroically helped Jefferson Jacks break the color barrier for the Toledo Mudhens back in ’47.

The sneery guy in the middle panel is “Beanball” Bushka, probably Coach Bull’s dad. We know he must be a bully and a jerk, because he acts exactly like the adult Crankshaft.

Family Circus, Judge Parker, 10/1/08

A little gratuitous skin from time to time helps maintain audience interest!

Sally Forth, 10/1/08

Oh, Sally, Sally — this is not the way.

— Uncle Lumpy