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Mary Worth, 10/25/08

Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary — sure, this is all very good fun, but any pretense that you’re rewarding Dr. Jeff’s inexplicable devotion to you with anything but mind games has now gone right out the window. The subtle reminder in the second panel about all the oral sex he’s not getting is a nice touch, I have to admit.

Gil Thorp, 10/25/08

Wow, no sooner did I mention Milford alum Von Haney and his occasional triumphal return to his old stomping grounds than Von himself actually appeared in the strip! I had forgotten the most hilarious aspect of the Von story, which is that he actually got into Yale. Yale! From reading the strip, you’d doubt whether the IQ and/or SAT scores of all of the characters in Gil Thorp put together could garner admission into a third-tier state university, but there Von and Nick are, Ivy-ing it up. Of course, they did ultimately decide not to go back to see their idiot friends for homecoming, so maybe they’re smarter than they look.

Kudos to Rod Whigham to making Von’s hair even more ludicrous than its earlier incarnation, but the less said about Nick Zollar’s knuckles, the better.

Mark Trail, 10/26/08

Bizarrely, Mark Trail seems to be trying to actually portray a semi-intelligent discussion about balancing the needs for development against the value of environmental protection. Too bad it’s in the context of Sue attempting to get into Mark’s pants for some hot, sandy beach-sex. And speaking of pants, Mark seems to be dimly aware of the romantic possibilities here to the extent that he’s jettisoned his usual all-tan outfit, pairing his everyday tan shirt with some nice grey slacks that match not at all.

All these political, sexual, and fashion-related questions will of course be moot once the savage mutant seagulls attack.