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Dennis the Menace, 11/21/08

Good start, Dennis, but if you really want to make trouble for your parents, substitute “beat” for “yell at.” If you aren’t willing to go into foster care, you aren’t ready to menace.

Gil Thorp, 11/21/08

Will the entire tedious 6-9 Jeff Ponczak/Matt the Hat medical switcheroo storyline be worth it if it somehow results in Marty Moon being fired from his unwatchable public access television show? Maybe, if he’s fired live and on camera, and he cries.

Judge Parker, 11/21/08

Thrill as Sam picks up a fax! Tingle with excitement as Steve calls Sam to make sure the fax came through properly! Judge Parker: Your ticket to ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!!

Archie, 11/21/08

Oh dear! The AJGLU 3000 has forgotten that humans have genders!