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Judge Parker, 3/20/10

“You should get a reward for this!” exclaims Judge Randy, waving a wad of cash left by some plaintiff’s attorney. “I mean, everybody gets rewards . . . like, for everything, all the time — don’t they? I sure do! Rewards are cool! You like my new watch? It was a reward! April, too — very rewarding! Hey, walk to my car with me . . . I bet there’s a twenty in it for ya!”

Between Friends, 3/20/10

Better health begins with “Shut the hell up!” Take that first step today!

Apartment 3-G, 3/20/10

“Why am I going home to an empty apartment? Lu Ann is there!”

Momma, 3/20/10

Sonja’s husband died of natural causes, yet no one will believe it wasn’t suicide.

Blondie, 3/20/10

It was wild, wasn’t it? But it’s spring now — enjoy!

— Uncle Lumpy