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Blondie, 6/5/17

Hi there, I’m a guy who reads and writes about the comics every day and yet I’m genuinely baffled about what the “joke” is in today’s Blondie! Is it about how Dagwood’s shoes are large and clownish? (Does the Blondie artistic team even recognize how large and clownish Dagwood’s shoes are anymore?) Or is it just that, ha ha, joining the circus sure is an inappropriately whimsical fantasy for an adult to have! Anyway, joke’s on you, buddy: nobody wants to see the circus anymore, either.

Beetle Bailey, 6/5/17

Wow, Sarge looks genuinely sad in panel two, full of regrets about the vicious beatings his delivers on the daily to his hapless subordinate. Not sad enough to do anything about it, of course — the world doesn’t change so easily. But the thrill is clearly gone.

Pluggers, 6/5/17

Ha ha, pluggers’ cars are just straight-up full of garbage! Just like their kitchen cabinets, and the rest of their homes! I’m starting to worry about pluggers, guys.