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Mark Trail, 5/1/18

I had a friend once who insisted that since luck could be good or bad, saying that someone is “lucky” shouldn’t by right indicate whether or not they had good things happen to them more than they would to an average person, but rather should mean that the luck they experience is just far from the mean in either direction, which, that’s not how language works, man, but anyway, Mark seems to be definitely buying into this worldview! Like, how “lucky” can a man be who’s suffered through multiple boatsplosions and also the aforementioned volcanic eruption, you know? Thank goodness they’re headed to Mexico, where volcanic activity is unheard of, they’ll probably be fine.

Hi and Lois, 5/1/18

Wow, I’m pretty sure the Flagstons haven’t had a ginormous Last Supper hanging on their dining room wall before this? Like, it seems like it’s the sort of thing I would’ve noticed. Anyway, while everyone else is squabbling about the pizza and whose fault it is that it wasn’t here ten minutes ago, Trixie is contemplating the fact that one of the others that she’ll be dining with tonight will definitely betray her.