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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/25/18

I make fun of Parson Tuttle as an opportunistic grifter, but let’s be honest: if he’s like most clergyman, his salary is ultimately paid by his congregation, and he has the bad fortune to be assigned to a church in one of the poorest and most isolated parts of the country. He’s forced to go door to door wheedling meals to supplement his meager take, and even at homes where he’s welcomed to the table, the “bounty” on offer is no more than a pile of vaguely chewable tan blobs — whether biscuits or potatoes or deep-fried chunks of the less palatable parts of a chicken, who can say?

Mark Trail, 10/25/18

Nothing in the comics made me laugh more today than these two idiot children pausing in the middle of a dramatic escape from perceived danger to have this inane conversation. “Great, Rusty, we’re in an alley! Now what!” “Maybe we can get out at the other end! Maybe we should ‘turn’ our ‘heads’ and use our ‘eyes’ to ‘see’ if this is a dead end or not! Do you want to do it first or should I?”