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Judge Parker, 4/29/19

“The question is what will we do next?” briefly interested me, because often when one half of a couple abruptly quits their job, that results in hard financial choices that need to be made, especially when the other half of the couple is already retired and they’re both already rather, er, free-spending. But this, of course, is the Drivers we’re talking about, where fat royalties from Judge Parker Senior’s inexplicably universally beloved book and the occasional slot machine jackpot supplement Judge Parker Senior’s comfortable pension from whatever level of the judiciary system he worked in, which in turn is just icing on the cake of what I feel I’m safe in assuming is his substantial generational wealth. So don’t worry, Alan will never have to give up his absolutely enormous home office desk or his scowling Lincoln bust or any of that, and instead this tense discussion is about how the Parkers did bad things and now they might have to suffer some kind of consequences for it (SPOILER: they won’t).

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 4/29/19

The sad thing here is not that Snuffy has decided unilaterally that it’s Loweezy’s turn to sacrifice some of her dinner to feed the dog; no, it’s that she’s got practically a full plate of food in front of her and he’s putting on his hat to head out for the night. Presumably he wolfed down his food while she was still tidying up after cooking for him, and now he’s going to go steal chickens or cheat at cards or whatever it is he does for fun. At least she still has Ol’ Bullet for company!