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Funky Winkerbean, 7/26/19

Well, I guess, uh, Jessica’s Big Hollywood Experiment is over, now that she has … not produced her long-ago promised documentary about her father, John Darling (seriously, this never came out, right?) and she and Cindy solved the Big Butter Brinkel Mystery (with that classic trope, “the talking chimpanzee was the real killer all along“). Just as her husband before her turned down the chance to work as a storyboarder on the next big-budget Starbucks Jones movie so he could toil away at a comics startup based in a dying cancer cluster of a town in northeast Ohio, she has now turned down the chance to be a assistant cinematographer on the next big-budget Starbucks Jones movie, so that she can do … something, I guess … in a dying cancer cluster of a town in northeast Ohio. Her logic is that she didn’t want to suffer what her father, John Darling, suffered from being in “the biz,” and despite the fact that local newscasting is in no way the same “biz” as cinematography or narrative filmmaking, you can see why she’d be worried about going down that road, since her father turned out to be a huge asshole who was murdered in an aggressively wacky manner. Was learning about Butter Brinkel’s murderous what made her realize she was in too deep? Was she worried that she, too, would be killed by Zanzibar or his successors because she knows too much? Is she laying low in Westview to stay safe from the Monkey Mob?

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 7/26/19

Obviously I know Hootin’ Holler is behind the times, but it’s wild that they’re just now getting into Vine.

Dick Tracy, 7/26/19

“That’s pop culture for you! It sure is a shared language and set of experiences we can use as a shorthand to communicate with one another! Ha ha!”