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Mary Worth, 2/25/20

Remember, folks: Mary is never not being passive aggressive, and while normally we’d expect something sarcastic about what a shitty job Dawn did on the scarf, as near as I can tell she actually did a pretty good job on the scarf, so Mary’s got to take a different tack. Personally, I would’ve gone with “How lovely, and such a wonderful gift for me, an inhabitant of Southern California, where it’s almost always warm,” but Mary is upping her game and apparently implying that knitting is a great outlet for your sexual energy now that you’re not able to spend all your time fornicating, an activity that frankly is quite audible through the regrettably thin Charterstone walls, dear.

Funky Winkerbean, 2/25/20

Oh, huh, I guess yesterday’s Funky Winkerbean literally didn’t have a joke at all, but rather just existed to set up today’s “joke,” which is that Funky missed the exciting overtime period in the basketball game, because he stepped out of the living room just long enough to pour some hot chocolate. This seems odd, since both NBA and NCAA basketball overtime periods last a full five minutes of playing time — and obviously longer in real time — so we have to ask: does Funky Winkerbean think basketball overtime is played as sudden death, with the first team scoring winning? Have they set up possibly a full week of jokes predicated on a misunderstanding about the very thing they’re joking about? Stay tuned!

Six Chix, 2/25/20

Are Christians more likely to pray around Christmas? Or is the implication here that this lady is praying to Santa?