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Mary Worth, 11/8/21

I have to say that there was a point, early in this Wilbur storyline, where I was like, “Ugh, another Wilbur storyline? Really?” And maybe some of you still feel that way, and I respect it. But I have to tell you, at this point I am in, I am 100% invested in every small and large humiliation Wilbur suffers, each more self-inflicted than the last. I mean try, really try, to think of a way to preface an announcement that you’ve spotted your ex and some handsome new love interest that makes you sound more petulant and pathetic than “and look who I spy with my little eye.” It’s impossible. You can’t. But it’s only Monday, so we know this is going to escalate. If Wilbur drops a vicious “Fiddle dee dee!” by the end of the week, I will be not at all surprised.

Slylock Fox, 11/8/21

One thing that today’s mystery makes very clear that I’d never really thought about: Slylock uses his powers of ratiocination and knowledge of animal facts to figure out the who and the what and sometimes the how of various mysteries, but never the why. “Something seems off about this dinosaur skeleton,” he think. “Oh, right, it’s the teeth. Stegosaurs are plant eaters, they didn’t have fangs like this. Welp, off to the next exhibit!” It never occurs to him to question why this government-run museum, in a state ruled by a cat where the laws are enforced by canids, might have an interest in making all of history’s coolest, baddest creatures seem like obvious carnivores. Ideology is truly invisible to those entrusted with enforcing it.

Crock, 11/8/21

“We’re in a comic strip based on Beau Geste, which takes place before World War I, so she’s from the future! Dating her would be incredibly dangerous! What if we alter the timeline and disrupt the fabric of the universe?”