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Mary Worth, 5/23/22

This upcoming storyline can’t possibly be about Dawn and what’s-his-face, the Star Wars nerd whose name the narration box can’t even be bothered to remember so I’m definitely not looking it up, because they’re boring losers. The way Mary’s looking straight at us in the first panel seems like a challenge: which character will have their brain baked by the summer sun until they finally allow themselves the awful experience of knowing another and being known in turn? Will it be Mary? Is Mary going to see if she can make 2022 “hot Mary summer” and finally fall in love? And how will Dr. Jeff fit into the picture? Will she at least have the decency to break up with him first, like the time she had a dalliance with a guy who she cruised at his own mother’s funeral? Or will she just keep him completely in the dark, like that time she went to New York and romanced a Broadway legend? I for one am, predictably, excited to find out.

Beetle Bailey, 5/23/22

Now, a lot of people are going to be very focused on Sarge, strung up and entangled in flypaper as if he himself were some huge, grotesque insect, his tongue having been stuck in this trap as he’s sweated and squirmed for who knows how long. But me? I’m still fixated on Cookie’s line in panel one: “I’m anxious to see how many flies I caught in my traps last night,” he says to nobody, with a huge smile on his face. Definitely the voice he’s using to say this sounds like Renfield from the Bela Lugosi Dracula, right? That’s the only option here?

Dick Tracy, 5/23/22

Old-school nightmaretown Dick Tracy reached its apogee in the very last of the Locher/Brozman strips, in which a gimp-suited murderer was eaten alive by rats. The team over the last decade has not gone down that road very much, but I have to say that eating rats, while not as gross, is definitely a first step in that direction.

Marvin, 5/23/22

Man, he knows his butthole is where the poop exits from! That’s the not the problem! It’s the timing and circumstances of the exiting that are the issue here! You may walk on your hind legs and have rudimentary literacy, but you aren’t as smart a dog as you think!