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Gil Thorp, 7/7/22

I guess the most disappointing thing about this baseball season in Gil Thorp is that there’s usually zany A and B plots that we pingpong back and forth between, which gives this strip the vertiginous excitement that we crave, but this spring the two plots were that Gregg was hiding the fact that he was tragically blind and Gregg’s dad was hiding the fact that he was a notorious disgraced plagiarist. While this combo may have delivered thematic unity, it was honestly kind of boring, which is why it’s fitting that the A plot ended with Gregg flaming out of the playoffs and Gregg’s dad learning that literally nobody cares about the secret shame he’s been carrying around with him for so many years. It’s only Thursday, so I can’t wait to find out two more reasons why nothing matters over the rest of the week!!!

Slylock Fox, 7/7/22

Man, it seems unfair that you suffer for eons under H. sapiens domination, then abruptly achieve sapience and rise up against the humans in some terrifying, inexplicable Event and take your rightful place as the dominant group on Earth, only for the entire biosphere to be wiped out by series of massive asteroid impacts. Sorry, animals, the apocalypse is your problem now.