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Beetle Bailey, 11/12/22

Holy shit! It’s Keith Haring, back from the dead and painting a mural on the outside of the Halftracks’ house! I’m not sure what the General is so upset about, as this is about to immediately make their home an incredibly valuable work of art. On the other hand, there’s no way he can actually see any of the outside of the house from where he’s standing, so maybe he’s upset about something unrelated, like ghost Keith Haring’s parking job or something.

Family Circus, 11/12/22

I honestly find Lenny’s overall attitude very funny. “It’s nothing personal, sir, I just think vibes are off in here.”

The Lockhorns, 11/12/22

By far the funniest thing about this panel is that there’s a fairly elaborate birthday party in progress, complete with a cake and a sign and a party hat, and there are no other guests, just Leroy and Loretta, who don’t even really like each other. I can’t decide if Leroy planned this whole thing just so he could do this leaf blower gag, or if inspiration struck him just in the nick of time.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 11/12/22

I’m really enjoying the tension playing across Rex’s face here in panel two. Like on the one hand, he likes it when doctors’ position of preeminence in society is reinforced in spectacular fashion in front of an appreciative crowd, but on the other he finds doing stuff extremely annoying.