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Spousal tension

Six Chix, 10/26/16

Happy early Halloween from Six Chix, everybody! I note that these pumpkin-people’s heads and arms are the same bright orange color, which I take to indicate that they are similar in substance and consistency. What prospect do you find spoooookier?

  • That their whole bodies are tough and durable, like pumpkin’s shell, which means that every time they move their outer layer grinds painfully and loudly against itself
  • That their whole bodies are soft and pliant, like ordinary flesh, even their huge, bulbous heads

Your answer may hinge on how you believe the pumpkin-beings’ faces manifest. Do they merely appear when one of them finally determines the emotion they want to express? Or must they be carved, with a knife?

Funky Winkerbean, 10/26/16

Ha ha, angry rage maniac Bull Bushka’s brain is so battered that his angry rage mania is now an integral part of his personality, says his wife, who has to share a house with him and his irrational violent outbursts all the time now that he’s retired! This isn’t setting up teeth-grindingly awful and tragic storyline for the future, at all!

Pluggers, 10/26/16

You’re a plugger if you don’t just hate reading but try to shame your spouse for liking it.

Honestly glad he doesn’t have the relative eyes and limbs of a spider

Spider-Man, 10/25/16

Let’s be real, guys: the “relative strength of a spider” aspect of Spider-Man’s origin story has always been kinda dopey, right? I mean, there’s a whole bunch of inverse-square-law problems with this, which equally apply to Ant-Man, who was launched by Marvel Comics in 1962, just like Spider-Man. I guess it was a banner year for bug-men in the comics? Bug-men with bug-strength? Anyhoo, it’s nice to imagine that these costumed morons themselves have only the vaguest understanding of what their abilities really entail and how they work, so it’s very exciting to me to see Spider-Man declare that he can defeat a spider with his spider-strength, only for him to be immediately pinned by its monstrous spider-jaws (the relative jaws of a spider) and then killed by the actual spider’s deadly spider-venom (the relative venom of a spider, which you think would come in handy for a superhero, but no, just keep working that “strength” angle, guys).

Six Chix, 10/25/16

One of the more unsettling visual tropes that has been fully absorbed into the collective comics unconsciousness is “trees and fire hydrants are the equivalent of bathrooms to talking comic-strip dogs!” I feel like people love to play with the implications of this joke but lose touch with its origins which lie in the fact that dogs like to pee on said objects. This, I think, is the case here: probably the tire swing is just supposed to represent “what would a really tricked out tree look like,” but now I can’t stop thinking about how dogs maybe like to pee on tires? Or, like, through the hole in the middle of tires? Because they like the challenge, or something?

Dennis the Menace, 10/25/16

A year after the Great Agricultural Collapse, Alice and Henry are still gamely pushing forward, sculpting their daily ration of Nutrient Slurry into a cake-shaped pile in an attempt to remember what it used to be like in the Time of Plenty. Dennis is having none of it. Dennis’s refusal to keep a stiff upper lip in the endless dystopia is a genuine menace to humanity’s ability to cope.

Triumphant return to comics! (and to Charterstone, by Wilbur, maybe?)

Hello everybody! I’m back, and want to say a huge thank you to Uncle Lumpy for pinch hitting and running the fundraiser, and to everyone who participated in said fundraiser, and to those who took the plunge on the Patreon, the latter of which will have some Interesting Benefits in coming months! I will be sending out a questionnaire this week to everyone who qualified for a tote bag finding out if you want said tote bag and if so where I should send it, so if you think you should’ve gotten one of those but don’t by the end of the week, please email me to let me know!

Meanwhile, I’ve crawled out of the smoldering crater where I spent the last week and am ready to bring you more comics joy!

Mary Worth, 10/24/16

If by “joy” you mean “dramatic older-lady-reading-the-newspaper-in-her-tastefully-appointed-condo-unit action,” which I certainly do, as I hope it’s obvious by now! Anyway, Tommy’s drug problems seem to have been solved by oppressive mothering and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so now we’re beginning an exciting new story! Has Wilbur returned from his trip to harass the Japanese without informing Mary? How dare he? The upcoming pool party is going to be extremely icy.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/24/16

Welp, as predicted, Bull has been diagnosed with concussion-induced chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This prompted his abrupt retirement, which is ostensibly to enjoy spending some time with his remaining cognitive abilities, but also has the benefit of protecting his student-athletes from his intermittent rage attacks. Do you think the kids on the team have been told why their coach is leaving mid-season, or are they being kept in the dark so that they don’t all quit football forever en masse when confronted with visceral evidence of what it can do to the human brain?

Six Chix, 10/24/16

Wait, does … does the “cats have nine lives” thing only apply to cats owned by witches? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t only apply to cats owned by witches.

Dennis the Menace, 10/24/16

“His skin, so lifelike — his pose, so natural. Nobody would ever guess that he was taxidermied over a decade ago and placed in his favorite chair to terrify neighborhood children! I tell ya, Gina, this sort of craftsmanship is a dying art. I guarantee you we won’t look this good when it’s our time.”