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Before I take on today’s comics, I must briefly touch on two things I shamefully neglected yesterday. First off, it looks as if the new Sunday Phantom storyline is going to be moving in on Mark Trail’s environmentalism turf, since the latter is focusing its energy on a two-fisted libertarian crusade against eminent domain:

I’m looking forward to teasers like “Next: Peak oil!” and “Next: Gale Norton and Dirk Kempthorne are tools of the logging industry!” But what really strikes me is the fact that not 24 hours after this comic appeared, Wikipedia presented Retreat of glaciers since 1850 as its feature article. Behold the power and influence of the Ghost-Who-Supports-The-Swift-Implementation-Of-The-Kyoto-Protocol!

In other news, Rex Morgan allowed his big brown eyes and pretty little mouth to get dangerously close to Dr. Troy’s crotch.

Moving on to today’s funnies:

Gil Thorp, 4/17/06

You know how Disney has this digitally animated film called The Wild, about some zoo animals that escape and have to deal with the real wilderness, and between this, that, and the other thing it took them, like, nine years to make, and then a year before they released it Dreamworks put out Madagascar, which had essentially the same plot, and then Disney was all like, “Hey! We had that idea first!” but it didn’t matter because Madagascar came out first and by all accounts was better anyway? Well, Gil Thorp can try all it wants to say, “We’ve been setting up the Brent-‘Rap Dog’-has-his-attempts-to-lose-weight-get-undermined-by-his-scary-white-trash-mother” storyline set up since last March!” but the truth is that this psychodrama is already underway over in Mary Worth, so y’all were a little late to pull the trigger.

Meanwhile, if Allen Ginsberg is condemned to haunt Judge Parker, then from the look of things Divine is trapped in Gil Thorp for all eternity. I know this is applies to every episode of this strip ever, but that hair is whack.

Apartment 3-G, 4/17/06

So, before she can leave on her vacation, Tommie has to euthanize this old lady for Hillary Clinton?