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Mary Worth, 9/25/09

Oh, no! Scott is shot! And it looks like at least two of those rounds came from behind, from sympathetic fellow officers who saw Adrian’s picture and knew what had to be done.

Spider-Man, 9/25/09

Apparently when it comes to splatterin’ spiders, Bigshot is a less effective villain than Garfield. Pack it in, fella.

Mark Trail, 9/25/09

Oh, don’t worry about Rusty, Mark. He doesn’t need to outrun the gator — he just needs to outrun Sassy.

Dick Tracy, 9/25/09

OK, you three. Will somebody for the luvva Pete please just shut up and eat somebody? Please?

Margo Moments — a Fall Fundraiser special, part 6

Apartment 3-G (panels) — 2/4, 2/5, 2/10, 2/27, 3/16, 4/15, 5/29, 6/23, 7/23/2008

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