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Apartment 3-G, 7/30/15

I’ve said nothing but mean things about Apartment 3-G for months now, so I’ll offer some tentative, half-assed praise today: I think Lu Ann and Tommie’s outfits are bizarrely charming? I mean, the glory days of their dumb makeover is long in the past and we’re going to be stuck with “cardigans or maybe suit jackets over turtlenecks” for the foreseeable future, but I like the colors! The bright, bold colors! It’s like a cult uniform, but with pizzazz, you know?

Blondie, 7/30/15

Yes, maybe not everyone is that interested in seeing a man eat the same meal over and over again. It may seem extreme that anyone would invent time-travel and risk a temporal paradox inside his own digestive system to do this, but consider the alternatives.

Mary Worth, 7/30/15

Ian seems rather desperate to convince his widowed boss to move into Charterstone for reasons we can only guess at, and will apparently stop at nothing to make this happen. Will a three-way with Toby seal the deal? He’s got a solid couple hours to talk her into it!

Judge Parker, 7/30/15

Now, probably you’re thinking, “Oh, Sam and Abbey bought this RV for a song, probably they’re about to make yet more undeserved and unneeded cash on the deal!” But the truth is they’ve already profited handily from securitizing their interest in the vehicle and selling RV-backed tranches to overseas investors. Honestly it’s going to be something of a pain in the ass to wind all those deals up when they unload the actual physical asset.