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Dennis the Menace, 11/14/15

Obviously I knew that Dennis hates vegetables. The word is always written as “veg-tables” in the Dennis the Menace captions, by the way, which drives me absolutely nuts. What is this even supposed to represent? That he pronounces the word as three syllables, rather than four, which is as far as I know perfectly acceptable American English? Is that supposed to be menacing? Ugh! Anyway, it’s obviously not half as menacing as Dennis’s apparent rejection of all non-processed food products. What could be more menacing than watching your son slurp down Soylent meal after meal, his teeth and tongue slowly withering away as it becomes clear that they’re unnecessary, to be replaced by some awful, insectoid proboscis?

Apartment 3-G, 11/14/15

Wait, he’s talking about Tibet, right? Tibet has its problems, but it’s a perfectly nice place. Way to show your Tibetophobia, Tommie.

Mark Trail, 11/14/15

Just keeping you updated on the Trailian fisticuffs! Lotsa punching going on. Let’s focus on that and not Ken’s leg apparently phasing right through the solid matter of the bad guy’s arm in panel two. Very disturbing, the thought that Mississippi Ken might not be bound by the same laws of time and space as we are. Let’s not dwell on it. Ha ha, punching!

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 11/14/15

Thanks to this comic, “do snakes fuck” is now forever part of my Google search history. Thanks, comics!