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Dick Tracy, 2/4/19

Sam Catchem is canonically Jewish, but I guess he’s finally decided to address the “elephant in the room,” which is that he dresses like a leprechaun for inscrutable reasons; I assume he called out “Top of the morning!” in his most over-the-top Lucky-Charms-commercial-style Irish accent as he walked into the office. Dick is ignoring him, of course, being thoroughly engrossed in the police blotter, relaxing while reading about completely normal and not at all suspicious crimes like uniform larceny and [squints] something snowman related.

Beetle Bailey, 2/4/19

Hey, remember when Beetle invaded Sarge’s dream and it was uncanny and surreal? Well, I guess we know who’s more avant-garde when it comes to extremely low rent legacy newspaper comics Inceptioning.

Pajama Diaries, 2/4/19

Are you tired of all the gross Marvin comics about babies peeing? Here, enjoy this gross Pajama Diaries comic about adults not peeing.