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Funky Winkerbean, 3/6/21

In real life, very few people are annoying on purpose, and the question of whether you think they’re annoying is a subjective one. In fiction, though, even in a world where many discount authorial intent, we can still try to puzzle out the question of whether a character is supposed to be annoying or not. Certainly as a normal human, I’ve found this lady’s endless reference getting insufferable, and have assumed that’s the intended reading of the character; but today we learned that she also got Les’s “kemo sabe” joke, a reference we’ve been told repeatedly in the strip that it’s bad not to get, actually. So is this lady good, because the best thing one can do in life is get references — specifically, whatever references Les is laying down in relation to his dead wife, Lisa? Or is it just true that all of us, reference-getters and reference-non-getters alike, are basically irritating? I fear the latter may be more true to life.

Gasoline Alley, 3/6/21

Today’s Gasoline Alley, meanwhile, has a simpler and more fundamentally joyful message: these two are gonna do iiiiiiiitttttt

Hi and Lois, 3/6/21

Hey, were you interested in maybe seeing the dress that’s at the center of the joke in this comic strip, since comic strips are a visual medium? Well, tough: this is the last daily strip of the week to get through, and all that golf is frankly not going to play itself.