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Beetle Bailey, 3/26/22

Not sure why but my immediate thought upon reading this was that the Halftracks are fairly old and their parents are almost certainly all dead. That adds an extra frisson to this strip, right? General Halftrack looking in horror at his dead parents’ portraits hanging over the toilet? Halftrack Hate Each Other Saturday is really going all in this week.

Crock, 3/26/22

“Computers, Macs, cellphones, and DVDs” — yes, this is a great string of elder-baffling technological advances for a Crock character to use as a punchline. I would’ve ideally liked to have seen an iPad included in there — written as “iPAD” of some reason, obviously — but other than that, really strong work here.

Dennis the Menace, 3/26/22

Damn, looks like Dennis is out here menacing heteronormativity