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Mary Worth, 4/30/22

Yes, Toby and Ian certain seem to have a good marriage, Mary! Say, remember the time Ian made Toby pretend to cook dinner for his boss while she was trying to work on her art show so she briefly left him and had to lay low at your place until you got tired of that and convinced her to go back? That’s definitely the sort of thing that happens when you have a strong relationship bond! Unlike you and Jeff, who barely speak to one another.

Gil Thorp 4/30/22

Speaking that of things that are good and strong, check out Kaz’s mullet! Truly resplendent. Resplendent and unmoving. Seriously, that swoop is holding at an almost identical angle in both panels one and three, just king of hovering off his neck in the latter. Has he hairsprayed it so vigorously as to render it immobile? Or is the whole thing just an elaborate styrofoam headpiece?