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Mary Worth, 11/28/15

Oh my goodness, Mary is quoting notorious drug musician George Harrison to little Olive! How can a dignified, mature woman possibly think this is healthy for a young person to he– wait, what’s that? Mary was born sixty-something years ago, according to King Features? Which means that Mary was somewhere been 15 and 24 when George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass was released? Which makes it not unlikely that Mary herself has done a lot of drugs? Well, huh. Huh.

Pluggers, 11/28/15

Pluggers know that no tawdry sexual encounter can match the sheer erotic pleasure of maintaining a lucid stream of thought for the amount of time it takes to walk from one room to another.

Metapost: No COTW, just chaser

Hey guys, due to cross-country travel this Thanksgiving week, I’m taking a break from curating the week’s top comments. Still, it being Thanksgiving and all, I need to give big thanks both to those kind enough to put some cash in my tip jar, and to our advertisers:

  • Bluebeards Original is proud to join The Comics Curmudgeon as an advertiser! Company owner Paul Kaniewski is a longtime follower of this site, to the point that it inspired him to created the famed Aldo Kelrast MySpace profile. Bluebeards has been making top-rated beard care products for ten years now, so any bearded folks or those that love them, please check out the site and try their stuff.
  • Oh, the Flesh You Will Eat!: Children around the world have vomited for joy reading the rhymes of Dr. Vireuss. Three of his “sickest” stories have finally been collected into one germ-ridden volume. There’s the tale of a man who would not — could not! — let a doctor save his life, a sick boy who puts healthy people into quarantine, and a little flesh-eating virus who goes on a big adventure. This hardcover volume of Dr. Seuss spoofs is highly infectious.

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Dennis spits on the Kantian imperative

Dennis the Menace, 11/27/15

Dennis is not acting as some kind of pseudoscientific anti-vaxxer here; in some ways, he’s being even more unsettling, asserting his desire to opt out of the more uncomfortable aspects of the social contract while still benefitting from its protections. The fact that this urge lurks within each of us is what makes this truly menacing.

Hagar the Horrible, 11/27/15

The Friday after Thanksgiving is always one of the lowest-traffic days on my blog, and I assume this is true for most forms of media, both in print and online. So I guess it’s pretty much as good a day as any to transition your long-running legacy comic strip to its new focus: centaur erotica.