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Six Chix, 1/20/17

Are you interested in making an Uber joke and a lawyer joke, but aren’t too familiar with terminology pertaining to either? Here are some handy tips:

  • Uber has a service called “Uber Pool” where you pay less but your driver will pick up and drop off other passengers en route. Might be good for a joke where you get more people than you expected!
  • The collective noun for a group of lawyers is a “firm,” not a “horde.” The idea of a horde of lawyers might be funny if that were your main joke and you weren’t trying to wedge it into an entirely unrelated joke about Uber.

I thank you for your time.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 1/20/17

I was about to complain about projecting human body dysmorphic self-loathing onto animals, but then I saw the hearts above that pig’s head in panel two and realized we had much bigger things to worry about here.

Mark Trail, 1/20/17


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Hey, everybody, just wanted to keep you updated on some tweaks the inimitable Adam Norwood and I have been making over the past week or so. We think we’ve got a handle on the major bugs, as described below; if you’re still seeing some of the stuff on this bullet list, hold down the shift key and reload the site to clear your cache, but if you’re still seeing them after that, email me at and let me know! Here’s the bug list:

  • We’ve fixed the layout problems that were causing some posts to extend past the right edge of the browser window for some users. This should in particular fix the problems that people were seeing when getting to the site from Facebook or Twitter on the iPhone or iPad.
  • The layout and header should now work much better those using IE10, Pale Moon, or older versions of Safari on the iPad or iPhone.
  • The pagination links (“older posts”/”newer posts”) make sense again when you choose the “oldest first” option on the Advanced Archives page.

Speaking of the Advanced Archives, we’ve also restored the Randomly Selected Post O’ Mystery to that page; reload it and get a new link every time!

This should do it for layout bugs. We’re going to do a bit more tinkering with the design of the site, in particular the left-hand nav bar, in the coming week or so. Stay tuned for more info!

Finally, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who signed up to be a Comics Curmudgeon Supporter! I hope you are enjoying your ad-free, editing-enhanced experience; the design tweaks in store will improve the ad-free version of the site as well. For more on becoming a supporter, start here!

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Rex Morgan, M.D., 1/19/17

Hey, remember Buck? No, not the sexy, homeless archaeology grad student who was camping out on the Morgans’ property so he could investigate some ancient war crime; no, I mean Rex’s old pal whose wife tried to murder him with a nail gun and then later it turned out said wife was Rex’s ex-girlfriend from high school and it seems I didn’t cover the end of this storyline so I’m not sure how it all worked out? I think Buck broke up with his wife, though! But based on his set role as the strip’s sad sack, I’m going to assume that he’s gotten himself deep into some depressing ponzi scheme and he’s trying to pull Rex in as well. Haha, look at Rex’s eye’s glazing over and soon as Buck starts his pitch!

Spider-Man, 1/19/17

Welp, Rocket’s only been on our planet for a few hours, but he’s already well acclimated to the Spidey Way Of Heroism, i.e., doing a half-assed job for a little bit and then dozing off. It’s also worth noting that Rocket was originally wearing an adorable little outfit and now he’s … stark naked? I guess a naked raccoon shouldn’t be disturbing but when you’re established as wearing clothes even if you’re a species that doesn’t normally wear clothes, once you take off your clothes you’re naked, that’s the rule. The fact that Peter and MJ are fully dressed isn’t helping.

Gasoline Alley, 1/19/17

Meanwhile, Gertie continues to test the waters to figure out when Walt will finally be senile enough that he’ll voluntarily drink Drāno.