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Comics archive! Pluggers

Saturday one-panels

B.C., 9/12/15

Yes, this is what radio listeners crave: the possibility of hearing a snail DJ slowly dissolving, over the radio! (psst I think maybe someone doesn’t actually know what “shock jock” means)

Family Circus, 9/12/15

Speaking of horrible salt-deaths, I love Big Daddy Keane’s little smile here. At last, he thinks, at last I have evidence that Billy’s heart is incurably hardened against the Lord. I can just leave him by the side of the highway with no regrets.

Pluggers, 9/12/15

Pluggers don’t even remember what it was like to feel giddy, overblown enthusiasm about anything in this life, and will thank you to leave them alone while they eat their ice cream in sullen silence.

Saturday quickies

Spider-Man, 9/5/15

Good sign that you might not be that good a superhero: when your wife thinks you should take a step back from a confrontation with a sinister supervillain and defer to a man whose authority and epaulets are both granted by the Carnival Corporation and its family of trusted cruise brands.

Apartment 3-G, 9/5/15

Well, this proves it: people in Apartment 3-G even sleep in suit jacket/turtleneck combos.

Judger Parker, 9/5/15

“Nothing could be more hilarious to me than Sam’s pissy face in panel two here. “Cook my own dinner? But … I’m rich!”

Pluggers, 9/5/15

Pluggers should maybe spend less time feeling smug and more time thinking about the viewing demographic their favorite TV shows appeal to.

Monday quickies

Hi and Lois, 8/17/15

Huh, I always wondered what Lois’s skeletal, mostly noseless face reminded me of:

Anyway, Lois is trying to kill her husband, I guess, for his birthday!

Crankshaft, 8/17/15

Remember when the State Fair was a place of excitement and family bonding? Now you just walk around in sullen silence. Even the carnies look depressed.

Pluggers, 8/17/15

Considering how big that pill is, pluggers should probably be taking some kind of eyesight pill, too.